Ringcentral Agreement

RingCentral provides services and equipment exclusively for commercial use, in accordance with the terms set out in this agreement and provided the customer accepts and respects the agreement. By signing this contract electronically, the customer (a) accepts this agreement and accepts that the client is legally bound by his terms; and (b) ensures and guarantees that: (i) its representative is 18 years old or 18 years old to enter into a binding agreement; and (ii) has the right, power and power to enter into this agreement on behalf of the company, the government organization or any other legal entity, and to engage it under these conditions. If the Customer does not accept the terms of this Agreement, neither the Customer nor its end-users can download, install or use the Services or Devices. RingCentral Meetings is a cloud-based Enterprise-class video conferencing and collaboration service that includes screen and file-sharing applications, text and mobile applications. The RingCentral meeting service schedule is available in www.ringcentral.com/legal/meetings-service-attachment.html. Please note that all prices, taxes, surcharges and fees may change at any time, unless these fees are set by agreement between you and RingCentral for a fixed period of time. You are responsible for paying all fees for your account, including, but not limited to, free, local, remote, international, additional functionality charges, operator-supported fees, directory support fees and all taxes, surcharges and fees that are charged to your account or to us as a result of your use of the planning service. Customers with outstanding balances on previous or multiple accounts will be debited from the total balance, including, but not limited to taxes or charges under these Terms of Use or an applicable Agreement Office, late fees, service modification fees, and refund or returned cheque fees, when opening a new account or when updating their credit card information. For monthly plan customers, you can terminate your use of plan services at any time, with or without reason, by calling customer service at 3158-3302, subject to the restrictions and fees set out in the agreement, as well as any other agreement that will govern products or services.

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