Stamp Duty On Service Agreement In Maharashtra

Therefore, stamp duty must be paid before or at the time of the execution of the electronic contract and can no longer be paid after the execution. 5. The collector of the riding can, suo motu or after receiving information from any source, within [ten years] of the date of registration of an instrument covered in Section (1) (not to be the instrument on which approval was adopted in accordance with Section 32 or the instrument or instruments for which the obligation was established in accordance with subsection 4) or an instrument implemented before 4 July 1980). to require the recorder to make a true copy or summary of the deed and verify it in order to be satisfied with the accuracy of the market value of the property that is the subject of this deed and the tax due to it; and if, at the end of this review, he has reason to believe that the market value of this property is not actually and fully exposed in the instrument, it acts as intended in the subsection (4). [provided that the amount of the penalty does not in any way exceed double the stamp duty.] 3. This authority [after giving the parties an appropriate opportunity to be heard reviews the case and sends a copy of its decision to the collector, who must assess and collect the obligation (if any) in accordance with this decision.] (3) exemption from instruments; “In the exercise of the powers conferred by Section (a) section 1 of Section 9 of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 (II of 1899), the Bombay government hereafter transfers the stamp tax levied on instruments collected by the Bombay Labour Welfare Board, in accordance with Section 4 of the Bombay Labour Welfare Board , 1953 (Bombay LXI 1953) , in case the Bombay Labour Welfare Board should have paid the tax under that law for this exemption. (7) The Bombay Government welcomes to inform the Bombay government that by maintaining separate registration lists for government and other securities, the stamp duty under Schedule I Article 20A is levied on the total value of the value of all securities when separate registration lists for government securities and other securities are included in each of these approval lists.” Section 3 of the Stamp Act is the section that provides for the collection of stamp duty on certain instruments when it is executed.

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