Property Bayana Agreement Format In Urdu

DHA Karachi is a popular housing company. It recommends that sellers include in the contract a special clause that if the buyer does not make the remaining payment within the due date, the seller can collect the advance. Similarly, if the seller refuses to transfer the property, they will be obliged to return double the advance received (bayana). These legal agreements were designed for real estate contracts for companies in Pakistan. If you are looking for a certain type of agreement that is not listed here, do so in the comments section below and we will do our best to update the collection. Who has the right to transfer property? The answer is simple. The one who is old enough to have a national identity card (CNIC) from the age of 18. There are also various laws for the purchase and sale of real estate in Pakistan. We will now discuss in detail the concepts of token money and Bayana.

After payment of the conditional amount of the tokens, the buyer can then verify the property of the property of the housing company concerned to ensure that the seller is the actual owner. For this step, the seller issues written permission allowing the competent authority to share the property information and legal status with the buyer whose name and CNIC number are also mentioned on the application. A copy of the landowner`s CNIC is attached to the application. O on real estate preferences, in order to avoid any loss of the agreement to sell real estate in the format of the fair to question Hi, I saw an advertisement on and contacted the trader who confirmed the agreement and we paid a confirmed token for the property in question and received a receipt on the letter from the head of the real estate advisor. He should use the NDC for the act. Now, after a week, almost. He turned himself in and informed us that the agreement could not be reached. He is not prepared to pay double the symbolic remedies. What more can we do before we complain? Please contact us or hire another lawyer to take care of it legally. If the cheque has jumped, you should cancel the agreement by sending him a legal opinion.

Or if it was an agreement for sale, then it had to be overturned by the courts. Good morning. I am a land seller in DHA and I have a 50K token from a buyer by a merchant.

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