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(1) Supplier: a distributor of information that signs the direct data dissemination agreement with the Athens Stock Exchange and connects directly to ATHEX to disseminate ATHEX market data. (2) Negotiator: a distributor of information that signs the direct data dissemination agreement with the Athens Stock Exchange and indirectly establishes a link with ATHEX by obtaining the data stream from an ATHEX provider. (3) ATHEX Member: receipt of market data flow either directly from the Athens Stock Exchange or through the ATHEX Data Vendor, with the aim of redistributing strictly internally or to customers (except data redistributors) in the provision of investment services. (4) For the first 6 months: new information distributors (suppliers, traders and members) do not pay the annual fee for ATHEX Securities Market or ATHEX Derivatives Market, while a 30% discount is granted for the next 12 months. (5) Suppliers who receive the information products ATHEX Securities Market, ATHEX Derivatives Market – FTSE/ATHEX Indices are entitled to a reduction in the annual royalty from 31,830 euros to 30,000 euros. For suppliers entitled to the following information products, a reduction in the annual fee is from 31,830 to 30,000 euros: Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX) welcomes new data stream customers (Vendors/Subvendors) and offers the following significant discounts on annual royalties: Here at Electronav, we can provide you with the appropriate magnetron for your radar. We hold a large stock of magnetrons ready to all radar manufacturers for shipping from our warehouse to Piraeus. We can also send the Magnetrons from our warehouse in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to your agents around the world. This will allow us to ensure fast delivery and low transport costs.

It is also possible to arrange a pickup at your international carrier. Browse >> products. At its 91st session, the MSC adopted the amendment to SOLAS II-2/10 for firefighter communications. For each fire group, there are at least two portable radios on board for each fire line. Ships built before July 1, 2014 must meet the requirements of this paragraph by the time of the first investigation, after July 1, 2018. Electronav offers a complete and competitive range of VHF and UHF naval security to comply with the new rules. The distribution of delayed or end-of-day data (15 minutes or more after the stock market closes) is as follows: the law protects people with physical, mental and developmental disorders, as well as other people with serious health problems. The list of detailed royalty prices can be downloaded into a pdf file via the link in the following table: The ATHEX Data Feed customer has the right to also disseminate information from the Real Time of Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) without a license fee for CSE information. YourBenefitsNow! is a website for Los Angeles County residents to request and view their benefits online.

Click on one of the navigation links in the central area to start. For now, YourBenefitsNow! supports CalWORKs, CalFresh, General Relief and MediCal applications. If you need help in your language, call your local regional office. You have the right to ask for help in your own language. There is no cost to this assistance. Reduced variable tariffs are also applied to mobile devices (only for mobile devices, mobile, etc.) that receive information only by SMS or language: ATHEX, as part of the harmonisation with European practice and the introduction of new information products, has introduced a new tariff policy, which came into force on 1.1.2011 and was updated on 1 September 2014, read the announcement.

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