Cenace Agreement

The members of cenaCE-Auktionen have private companies that have made proposals on efficiency and energy construction, but bilateral with international values during the life of companies. [1] Luis Pazos, “Saint Lucia or Texcoco. Profit and Loss”, Centre for Research on Free Enterprise, September 2020, bei 12. [2] Expansion Magazine, “AMLO Government Cancels Fourth Electricity Auction,” Expansion Magazine, 1. February 2019. [3] Arturo Solis, “AMLO`s Government Cancels Pending Oil Auctions,” Forbes Mexico, 11. December 2018. [4] Jude Webber, “Pipelines Dispute Adds to Mexico Investment Fears,” FIN. TIMES, AGE 16. Juli 2019.

Jude Webber, “Mexico Reaches Deal to Settle Pipeline Contracts Dispute,” FIN. TIMES, 27. August 2019. [5] President López Obrador was quoted as saying: “Instead of filing a complaint against the government for its actions, private energy companies should ask the government for forgiveness.” Pedro Villa y Cana, “En vez de demandar por energías limpias, IP debería pedir disculpas: AMLO”, El Universal, 18 May 2020. Cenace director Rocío Nahle said the government`s energy policy was to save cfe and PEMEX. Sean Goforth, “Mexican Minister Says Attack on Renewable Energy Is for Energy Security,” BNamericas, May 18, 2020. [6] In the Spanish original, the Acuerdo para garantizar la eficiencia, calidad, confiabilidad, continuidad y seguridad del Sistema Eléctrico Nacional, con motivo del reconocimiento de la epidemia de enfermedad por el virus SRAS-CoV2 (COVID-19)”, CENACE website. [7] ASOLMEX &AMDEE, “Afectaciones a energías renovables por acuerdo de CENACE”, 7 May 2020. “En riesgo inversiones por US$ 6,400 millones en renovables: ASOLMEX, AMDEE”, Energía a Debate, 7 May 2020. Mark Stevenson, “Mexico Cites Virus in Slapping Down Renewable Energy,” THE SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIB., May 17, 2020. Anthony Harrup & Robbie Whelan, “Mexican Government Moves to Tighten Grip on Electricity Market,” WALL ST.

J., May 17, 2020. [8] CENACE oficio no CENACE/DOPS/079/2020 with regard to the CENACE resolution, 19 May 202 Resolution of the Cámara de Diputados, LXIV Legislatura, Grupo Parlamentario del Partido Revolucionario Institucional with reference to the CENACE resolution, 5 May 2020. . . .

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