Approved Food Supplier Agreement Form

The last thing that is recommended is that, depending on the risk of the product that the approved food supplier provides you, a certificate of analysis and/or a type of micro-test must be obtained. This may include chemical testing, for example. B fruits and vegetables, sulphites, salmonella micro-tests; Something like that. These usually come as part of a certificate of analysis. Our next area is to have a “delivery contract” with your approved supplier. If you work in a quality assurance department or a food safety service, you may not be involved in contract delivery negotiations, but you should contact people in your supply area who actually have something to do with it. If this is not the case, you will receive a “delivery contract” from your supplier. Then we need to make sure that you receive the current raw material specifications from your licensed food supplier. This is a requirement in most GFSI standards – because you need to have the latest raw material specifications from your suppliers. The first thing we need is to make sure you have a copy of your HACCP or a third-party certification certificate. This may be .B a certificate SQF, BRC, ISO22000. Whatever the standard by which you audited your suppliers.

Make sure this certification certificate is in the date. Delivery vehicles and driversThon delivery drivers are well presented and follow good personal hygiene practices. Your delivery vehicles, if you deliver us, are clean inside and outside and are not used, transportation products that could harm food safety. When vehicles are used for the distribution of chemicals such as cleaning or cleaning chemicals or other substances that may affect the quality of food, they are separated from food to prevent contamination or diversion of food. Your suppliersYou will ensure that all foodstuffs and foodstuffs delivered to you comply with all relevant standards and legislation, in particular the 1987 Food Standards Code and relevant national food legislation.

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