Vbof Change Agreements

consider undeding rebate agreements? Hello,Thanks to VBOF users can establish discount agreements with a validity period that has started in the past. For this reason, when running the VBOF, the system will find all invoices related to this discount agreement and, if the reservation of the limit is not made, with the booking date you enter into the variant. After this, the VBOF identifies the “Update” discount agreement so you can make the compensation. Very honored, When you make this transaction, you will find invoices for the debitor containing the corresponding materials. For each invoice, a new special pricing is made (with a type of price that will reassess the discount conditions). If the application provides a different result than the delivery conditions, the delivery conditions will be updated. If these changes affect boundaries, additional accounting documentation is established. These changes will not affect the NET VALUE of existing billing documents. I checked the discount agreement for amending protocol modification, the billing change minutes, noted some strange points in S060: or not. Therefore, the previous procedure has not been changed in this area The change in the exercise unit for S060 would have the effect of starting the data in S060. Subsequently, if you run VBOF to update these invoices after adjusting the demarcation rate in the delivery contract, the system calculates the value changes caused by the change in the agreement and updates the “modified” portion to S060 lines. I have set out contracts for the contract that I wish to pay every month for my clients, to which I would like to give a commission.

I made all my invoices for the month and I reserved them all for accounting. But if I try to update VBOF, my billing statements, I get a list of: Billing doc Old Item CnTy CondBasVal Unit Amount Unit CondValue CdCurr Agreemennt Condition Deleted This happens z.B. if the period of the billing agreement has been changed and the discount for this justification is no longer valid. If, in the past, you establish a new discount contract with a launch date (called a “retroactive agreement”), the VBOF transaction must be executed to verify the existing invoice (established from the start date of the agreement) to which the new rebate must be applied. Before running VBOF, you will receive a message as follows: “The sales volume for Agreement 233 is not up to date.” If you change a conditional dataset for discount agreements, you may receive the same message, as the previously set discount values may be false. In this case, you also need to run VBOF. After the change in the reduction rate and limits from -2% to zero and the execution of VBOF, the position for 201503 will be updated in S060 from 808.657- to 465,846-, the subtracted part is identical to the limit 342.811- in drilldown lists (before VBVB- execution).

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