Addendum To Master Services Agreement

SAAS SERVICES ORDER FORM Client: Address: Contact: Phone: E-Mail: Services: CloudBerry Management Backup Service allows you to offer online backup services managed under your own brand, by the CloudBerry 2 ATTACHMENT I SERVICE SCHEDULE LEVEL 3 DATA CENTER FACILITY SERVICES (date of version: October 30, 2012) 1. This service plan only applies if the customer orders data center services and related services. Data Center Facility services can also be called Level 3 Colocation in Customer Orders, Order Acceptance, Service Delivery, Billing (and Related Documents). This service plan also applies when the customer can order the Level 3 Cross Connect Service and be designated as a Cross Connect service in customer orders, receipt, service delivery, billing and related documents. 2. Definitions and description of the service. All capitalized concepts used in this term and not otherwise defined have the meaning defined in the agreement. Level 3 offers 3 types of facilities for the distribution of data centers (which must be identified in the customer`s order): Level 3 First Elite, Level 3 First Select and Level 3 Premier. In all three types of facilities, the customer can assemble, assemble and install telecommunications equipment and equipment that manages, assembles and installs customer information and applications such as computer equipment and computer servers. Colocation Area refers to the location within a Level 3 facility where the customer`s ordered space is located. “space,” the location or locations in the roommate area where the customer is authorized to move communication and network equipment, as indicated in an order accepted by the customer`s Level 3.

The types of space typically offered by Level 3 are (i) single rack case cabinets with front and rear door locking usually in a common area of the apartment area; and (ii) private suites a space area surrounded by fences or steel partitions with cabinets and dedicated to a single customer. Cross Connect Service or Cross Connect refers to a copper or fibre optic cable connected between the level 3 roommate provided (cabinets, racks and/or suites), other services provided or Level 3 and/or third-party facilities that end within the Level 3 co-location mechanism. Hot speed Cold passage: the layout of the customer`s equipment in which the air intake of the equipment is opposed to a common speed (cold speed) and the removal of air from the equipment is opposed to the common replacement speed, as indicated at level 3.

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